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Sustainable Resource

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Running bamboo types, such as black bamboo plants, are ideal for creating a dense hedge or privacy screen.
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Golden goddess is a species of bamboo native to China, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Indochina.


Also known as “Punting Pole Bamboo”, culms are thick and straight, making them useful for many purposes.
Bambusa Balcooa bamboo trees


Bambusa Balcooa is a very large, thick-walled, clumping type of bamboo. Used in the construction industry.
Phyllostachys aurea golden bamboo


Phyllostachys aurea is a running type of bamboo, often referred to as golden bamboo or fish pole bamboo.
Dendrocalamus asper bamboo trees


Dendrocalamus asper also known as Rough Bamboo or Giant Bamboo is a giant tropical bamboo.

Benefits Of Bamboo Trees

Commonly Asked Questions
Prevent Soil Erosion

Bamboo trees provide us with a sustainable resource from which to produce wood for construction and product purposes. It’s a plant that actually helps to prevent soil erosion. Erosion can devastate and ultimately destroy soil and render it dead. In areas where it has been introduced to blighted soil, it can help to regenerate once fruitless soil.

Renewable Resource

Depending on the species, bamboo plants can be harvested in one to five years. Hardwoods like oak take at least forty years to mature before they can be harvested. Almost 1 million acres of forests are lost each week worldwide to deforestation. Its versatility as a substitute for hardwoods offers a chance to drastically reduce that figure and protect the forests that we have left.

Livestock Fodder

Young bamboo leaves can serve as fodder thus can be fed to livestock and farm animals such as cattle, goats, sheep, cows, and rabbits.

Privacy Screens

They can provide a lush evergreen privacy screen or hedge in a very short time if planted correctly. First, species selection is critical. Species should be selected based upon climate zone, desired appearance, and height. Garden bamboo screens are naturally beautiful and provide a beautiful private backyard that will last a long time with the proper care.

Absorbs Greenhouse Gases

Bamboo plants have an unrivalled capacity to capture carbon and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an equivalent stand of hardwood trees.

Medicinal Use

All parts of this plant (seed, root, shoot, leaf) provide various health benefits. Bamboo is considered to be beneficial in managing skin diseases. It helps maintain elasticity and provides strength to the skin due to the presence of certain minerals and essential amino acids.

It helps in managing acne, skin eruptions, and wounds due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Additionally, it is beneficial in lowering blood glucose levels due to the presence of antioxidants i.e., flavonoids when taken internally. It also helps manage respiratory problems such as asthma due to its expectorant property which promotes the secretion of sputum and helps ease breathing.

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Bamboo Plants

Produce 35% more oxygen than trees
versatile and robust

Versatile And Robust

Once considered an exotic plant in the garden, many gardeners have discovered that bamboo trees are a versatile and robust addition to the home garden. Its growth is fast and thick, and can quickly add a lovely and lush feature to the garden in no time.

With a great range of uses and a broad selection of habitats, bamboo plants are regarded as one of the most beneficial plants you can buy. A woody, perennial evergreen plant, which happens to be part of the true grass family, it isn’t technically a tree but can grow to towering heights.

Reforestation And Sustainability

When you think about reforestation, bamboo may not be the first thing that comes to mind. And it’s true, it isn’t technically a tree — but planting and cultivating it is no less beneficial for people and the environment. Indeed, as the fastest growing grass on the planet, they have incredible potential as a sustainable resource.

This raw material is used for a range of goods and many industries, including agriculture, construction, fisheries, furniture, and handicrafts. They also provide environmental value, as it offers vegetative cover for deforested areas; soil erosion control and riverbank stabilization; carbon sequestration; nutrient and hydrologic cycle; and biodiversity conservation.

Bamboo Plants Grow Fast!

As a colony plant, it uses its energy to expand its roots and grow more shoots in the spring. These shoots emerge out of the ground to grow taller and wider for around 60 days. After 60 days, the canes stop growing altogether, and energy is directed back to the roots for the development of further canes.

This is where it diverges from most other flora, which put their energy into the continued growth of the original stem. Once bamboo is established (usually after 3 years), the new shoots that emerge each spring will continue to get bigger and bigger.


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