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Bamboo Poles In South Africa


The advantages of using bamboo poles in your home garden doesn’t stop at aesthetics. Bamboo is trendy, affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly, so it’s something you can feel good about adding to your garden.

Want unlimited creativity with how you use bamboo products in your home? Like a more inventive way of shading hotspots around your garden?

Our Bamboo sticks come in various lengths and thicknesses that allow your imagination to run wild with potential ceiling uses around your home. Use them in conjunction with our matching bamboo fencing or ceilings to extend them in many creative ways or contrast the look of bamboo poles and timber screens for something entirely original.

Pole Sizes:

  • Bamboo Pole (Lacquer Finish) 2.4m x 20-25mm dia.
  • Bamboo Pole (Lacquer Finish) 3.5m x 25-30mm dia.
  • Bamboo Pole (Lacquer Finish) 2.4m x 35-40mm dia.
  • Bamboo Pole (Lacquer Finish) 2.4m x 50-60mm dia.

Bamboo Sticks Cape Town

Bamboo poles Cape Town come in a variety of styles. Bamboo Sticks will taper in width as they are the end growth of the bamboo. They are very versatile, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and are an affordable decorative accessory that can be used to give an artistic feel and look to floral decorations.

Bamboo sticks and canes are durable, sustainable materials in the World of green building products. Our bamboo poles are harvested and well treated from mature bamboo trees. Bamboo has for centuries been used in construction building materials.

The powdered, hardened secretion from bamboo is the 1st choice of green material for the eco-friendly design and construction of building strategies. If you’re looking for where to buy bamboo poles, you’ve landed at the right place.

bamboo poles south africa
bamboo poles cape town

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