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Golden Goddess

Clumping Bamboo South Africa


The golden goddess also known as Bambusa multiplex is a species of bamboo native to China. It forms a medium-sized clump with slender culms (stems) and dense foliage. This type of bamboo is suitable for hedges and live fences since the stems and foliage form a dense growth that create an effective barrier.

The height of the stems under ideal conditions is about 10 ft. Propagation is through rhizome offsets and rooted culm (stem) cuttings. Micropropagation is feasible through axillary bud proliferation.

  • Type: clumping bamboo
  • Height: 2.5m – 4m
  • Position: full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: loamy acidic, high organic matter, moist
  • Rate of growth: fast-growing
  • Hardiness: wind hardy
  • Water: medium water, low water
  • Names: golden goddess, golden hedge, bambusa multiplex
  • Special Features: attractive bark / deer resistant / edible / screening

Golden Goddess Hedge Bamboo 

Bambusa Multiplex (golden goddess), is a species that is a superior hedge bamboo tree with deep green color and pencil-thin culms. This species is resistant to cold and is a low maintenance variety. One interesting aspect is that when a culm is cut, it stops from growing any taller, and the leaves branch out wider instead.

Originating from China, Bambusa Multiplex Hedge Bamboo grows very fast and dense, therefore it is perfect to be used for hedges. It is also very hardy, which is another advantage for using it for creating a hedge.

Golden Goddess Dwarf Bamboo

Bambusa multiplex is a very nice dwarf bamboo. Rarely exceeding 4m in height and easily maintained at 2.5m, the slender golden culms are perfect in a smaller garden. The clumping habit makes it a good choice for either containers or in-ground plantings. Use in places where an accent of soft structure is desired.

Landscaping With Bambusa Multiplex

Golden Goddess Bamboo is a dense herbaceous evergreen perennial with a shapely form and gracefully arching stalks. It brings an extremely fine and delicate texture to the garden composition and should be used to full effect.

This is a relatively low maintenance plant and is best cleaned up in early spring before it resumes active growth for the season. It has no significant negative characteristics.

Golden Goddess Bamboo is recommended for the following landscape applications:

  • Mass Planting
  • Hedges/Screening
  • General Garden Use
  • Container Planting
bambusa multiplex golden goddess
bambusa multiplex bamboo

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