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Bamboo Ceilings

Bamboo Ceiling Rolls In South Africa


A natural bamboo ceiling creates a warm atmosphere in any interior. Bamboo ceilings are easy to combine with bamboo floors, furniture, fences, and wall coverings. It offers many benefits over other building materials.

There are over 1,000 species of bamboo that are native to Asia, Australia, North and South America and Sub-Saharan Africa. It grows best in tropical climates, where it’s built houses and structures for hundreds of years.

Once harvested, bamboo products, just like wood, must be dried and treated to protect it against pests and to maximize its strengths as a building material. Building with bamboo comes with a unique set of benefits, unmatched by traditional building materials.

Bamboo Ceiling Roll Specifications

  • Size 100 x 300cm Natural colour 13 – 15mm diameter pole
  • Size 150 x 200cm Natural/Mahogany 20 – 25mm diameter pole
  • Size 200 x 200cm Natural/Mahogany 20 – 25mm diameter pole
  • Size 240 x 150cm Natural/Coffee 20 – 25mm diameter pole

The above rolls are all lacquer finished, kiln-dried and top node cut.

Advantages of Bamboo Ceilings

  • Beautiful natural grain that can be stained to warm or cool a room.
  • Bamboo re-grows quickly after it has been harvested.
  • Sustainable and renewable.
  • It is very light but incredibly strong.
  • When treated, it is stronger than most types of steel.
  • Treated bamboo is easy to clean and install.
  • Bamboo is far less likely than wood to swell and warp from humid conditions.


Bamboo is incredibly strong and resilient. High-quality bamboo is as hard as red oak and harder than cherry, teak and walnut. Bamboo is also naturally termite-resistant.


Most bamboo trees used for construction is grown from managed bamboo forests. Plants can be planted and harvested within four to six years.


Bamboo is well-suited to dry and humid climates; it doesn’t split or crack like some woods. Bamboo also stains well and can be used on walls in addition to being used for ceilings and floors.

Aesthetic appeal

Among interior designers, bamboo is considered a fresh, stylish and exotic ceiling option. Some say that it has more character than standard hardwoods and that the look of drywall can’t compare.

Reasonable cost

Installed, the cost of bamboo ceilings is competitive with the cost of wood. It’s more expensive than drywall, but it remains a reasonable option for many residential construction projects, especially as an accent ceiling in a highly visible room.

Easy Installation

Bamboo functions essentially the same as wood, with no special installation techniques required. The harvesting and installation of bamboo is fairly simple. It’s easy to cut, no bark to peel during processing, and its lightness makes it ideal to handle, transport, and store.

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