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Bamboo Fencing Rolls In South Africa


Bamboo fences are great as privacy screens in the garden but can also be used as beautiful ceiling or wall covers. Our rolled bamboo fencing consists of various diameters, colours, and sizes. From the cladding of unsightly boundary walls to creative screens and water features, bamboo fences will transform your living space into a tranquil paradise.

We specialize in carefully sourced, sustainable bamboo products in a variety of colours and configurations for residential and commercial use. Rolled bamboo fencing is easy to attach against an existing wooden fence, wire mesh, or wall.

Our bamboo is available in three varieties: Natural, Coffee, and Mahogany. All our fencing is internally wired with plastic coated wire to prevent rusting.

  • 3 year Moso Bamboo – 25mm in diameter.
  • 5 year Moso Bamboo – 35mm – 40mm diameter.

Natural Bamboo Fencing For Sale

  • 100(h) x 300(w)cm – lacquer finish, kiln dried
  • 150(h) x 200(w)cm – lacquer finish, kiln dried
  • 200(h) x 200(w)cm – lacquer finish, kiln dried
  • 240(h) x 150(w)cm – lacquer finish, kiln dried

Mahogany Bamboo Fencing For Sale

  • 150(h) x 200(w)cm – lacquer finish, kiln dried
  • 200(h) x 200(w)cm – lacquer finish, kiln dried

Coffee Bamboo Fencing For Sale

  • 240(h) x 150(w)cm – lacquer finish, kiln dried

Assembled Rolls vs Living Bamboo

Homeowners who choose to use bamboo as a divider or privacy fence have two options:

  1. Planting and growing living bamboo trees
  2. Purchasing assembled bamboo fence rolls that are installation ready

Living bamboo fences are created from a single mother bamboo plant or by planting seedlings. While seedlings may take longer to grow into a full fence, seedlings are easily transported, are known to have a high survival rate, and are generally less expensive.

Commercial bamboo fences are usually available in pre-made rolls with string or wire ties to hold the poles together. Pre-assembled fences may vary in colour and cane width.

The Benefits of Bamboo Fencing

If you’ve been contemplating installing a privacy fence, but aren’t sure that you want to put the money into wooden fencing and a contractor to install it, bamboo fencing may be a good option for you. This attractive fencing is less expensive, environmentally friendly, and easy to install. You can select the fencing that’s easiest for you to install, then choose the height and style that best suits your landscaping goals.

  • Helps in reducing the increasing rate of deforestation and take advantage of the comfortable and reusable resource.
  • Much lighter in weight than hardwood. Therefore during the time of installation or making the bamboo fences together, it is easier and quicker.
  • High resistance power. It can stand strong in severe weather changes. Strong heat and humidity do not bother the power of bamboo. The same goes for cold and snowy weather.
  • There are plenty of bamboo farms all around the globe, and exploiting this creation of nature, would not cause global warming or extinction.
  • As bamboo is not a tree, it is quite environmentally friendly. It helps in reducing deforestation and helps in preventing global causes concerning environmental change.


If you are concerned with the environment then you may want to consider a bamboo fence. Bamboo is, in fact, not wood but grass. Bamboo grows faster than any other plant on the planet. It grows so fast, in fact, that every three years it can be harvested and made into wood.

A cedar tree, by comparison, would take anywhere from 30 years to 50 years to be able to be harvested for wood again. A regular forest can be harvested for 20 times less wood than a bamboo forest.

Cost Advantage of Bamboo Fences

Bamboo fencing actually costs less than most traditional fencing products. Especially when you consider the investment over a period of time. Significantly less expensive than vinyl fences, bamboo fences are also much easier to install.

This saves on contractor costs and gives you the option to install it yourself. When it comes to cedar fences, bamboo can be slightly more expensive, but because it lasts so much longer, bamboo’s overall cost ends up being less than traditional wood fences throughout the product’s lifetime.

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